I left my husband with a grocery list today. It contained items like toilet paper, oranges, grapes, brown rice and couscous. He hasn’t been home during the week (because he is still training for his new job), so it’s just me and the Toddler and we love our fiber.

When Husband goes to the grocery store he comes home with junk like chocolate milk, Pop-Tarts, and cheap frozen burritos. He also likes to buy bags of those miniature powdered donuts to go with his chocolate milk. It’s like letting an 8-year-old boy loose with a grocery cart. It used to shock me, but now I just find it funny.

He’s gotten really good at following the list, but I fully expect to come home today to a box of Choc-O-Lantern Frosted Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts. And a gallon of this.

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