Get Up & Get Down

I love my friends.

This blog post by my friend Courtney CRACKS me up. And it also made me wonder why I haven’t worn a dress with jeans lately. It’s a very comfortable, yet cute, way to hide a muffintop. As she pointed out, wearing a dress with jeans is definitely a “get-up.”

I work in a very conservative corporate environment and we (my friends and I) get regular comments on our attire. My friend Anna wore yellow tights last Winter that earned her plenty o’ unsolicited comments and stares.

Verdict: Many people in an office setting do not handle “get-ups” very well. This is something I find endlessly entertaining because usually the person who offers the unsolicited comment is, in fact, wearing some misguided form of a get-up as well.

Also … I just feel the need to say this somewhere … teased blonde bangs are no longer okay. There. I said it.

One thought on “Get Up & Get Down

  1. That is how I feel when my husband has to work out of town too! You said it exactly as I think it…the latter part especially about 'connecting'. Glad your experience was so great! You obviously are indeed a good mother!


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