My son gave himself a black eye with his new guitar. He whacked his face with the handle end of it. One minute he was happily strumming, shouting at the top of his lungs “twinkle, twinkle, little staaaaaar ….”

And then, tears.

You can kind of see it in this picture … it’s his left eye. It makes him look like a real BOY.

I keep telling myself this black eye is probably the first of many. He is a boy, after all. I can’t decide how that makes me feel. I don’t want my son to be a wimp, but it hurts me to see him with any kind of bruise or mark.

I just force a tough face, and if he’s not bleeding then we (me) just brush it off. Because we’re tough.

3 thoughts on “Shiner.

  1. I have this weird thing about feeling like someone is going to think that my husband or I were the ones that give my son bumps or bruises. Whenever someone asks me what happened to his … chin, face, arm, leg, etc I feel oddly defensive. Is that weird?


  2. I know what you mean. Even back when Robbie and Shaun were small, you had to explain stuff that happened to the school or they might report it. People are over cautious now days and look at every little bump or bruise as suspect. It is rediculous.


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