Best Purchase of the Month!

Remember this horrible excuse for bedding? 

If you want to know what is going on there, that was our one extra set of sheets that had the texture of paper towels, and a too-small duvet (queen size) without a cover on it.

We used to have nice bedding … before an unfortunate incident involving too much tequila.

May I present … my new, grown-up and respectable bed!


My husband feels like it’s too girly and I can appreciate that, but the reason why this wins the award for Best Purchase is because I bought it for $30. That’s right. The whole set. It came with a comforter, shams, and a bedskirt. And nothing is wrong with any of it!  

I just happened upon it at Walmart of all places. Normally I abhor their bedding. The best part is, I saved so much money on the comforter set that I was able to justify buying 500 thread count sheets to go with it!

The print is fun and it reminds me of a Mexican cantina. Which is really appropriate since that is where we were the night that I completely ruined our former bedding.


One thought on “Best Purchase of the Month!

  1. I bought ours there a couple years ago & I love it. And I paid double what you did. HAHAHA. But, who cares if it looks good? And it's easy to wash? Great purchase, Harmony–looks beautiful!!!


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