I Hate Walmart.

I recently discussed my love of Publix. Now I shall discuss my hatred of Walmart.

Generally, I’m a big fan of the bargain … but only to a point. If said bargain requires a lot of aggravation, it’s not worth it to me. I’ll gladly OVERpay to avoid needless aggravation. This is why I don’t go to “doorbuster” sales the day after Thanksgiving. I’ll just pay full price, thank you.

Obviously, Walmart has an edge when it comes to price, and that is the only reason I go there. Diapers and Pull Ups tend to get expensive. I really dislike the place, but I put up with it because I live on a budget. If we had more money (even just a LITTLE more money), I would never step foot in there. Never.

Today, I had a short list of items which contained red lentils — I needed them to make a soup I found on a food blog. Of course, Walmart does not carry red lentils. In fact, all of the dried legumes were Great Value brand, which I was not okay with. Sell your store brands if you must, but give me real brands to choose from too, please. 

My visit went downhill from there. It was ridiculously crowded. There were not enough cashiers. My patience wore out before I even paid for my items, but the final straw took place on my way out. 

I was thirsty and tired and really wanted a Coke. I rolled The Toddler over to the drink machines by the exit and put a dollar in. I’m not quite sure how to explain what happened next. I heard the can descending so I leaned over to grab it.

As usual, the can rocketed to the bottom … but this time,  Coke spewed all over me. I still don’t know how or why, but my favorite yellow coat is no longer yellow, my hair is crunchy and my clothes got soaked. It was like there was a water hose of Coke spraying out of the machine.

Since my son was with me and I was trying to set an example, I calmly said “time to go” and we rolled out. I crankily unloaded him and my three bags into the car while a line of people waited impatiently to nab my spot. A Walmart employee stood right there staring and did not offer to help when I dropped one of my bags whilst struggling with my Toddler.

I wanted to say a bad word. I thought one in my head. 

Next time I need anything, I’m going to Publix. My husband will just have to deal.

One thought on “I Hate Walmart.

  1. I had this same conversation with myself a couple of days ago. I actually went to Publix on Saturday and they had stations set up for children to color and play with remote control cars. One lady that worked there made a candy cane for Lincoln out of pipe cleaners and played with remote control cars with him. When I got ready to leave of course he threw a fit. The young girl offered to watch him and let him play while I went and paid. Normally that would have freaked me out, but I was really grateful for it that day. Publix rocks.


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