That’s Right.

Please ignore the people in the background.

… I’m pregnant (again)!

Most people are hesitant to make this sort of announcement until they are out of the “risky” period of pregnancy. Not us. We are full-out telling people. We never do what you’re “supposed” to do. It works for us. We need the prayers of our families, and the health of our baby does not depend on how many people we do or do not share the good news with.

Also, it made a fun Christmas surprise to tell everyone.

After going through a miscarriage in late August, I am both terrified and excited to be pregnant again. I HAVE to believe that this baby is healthy and all will be well … I drive myself crazy with worry if I let myself even think about the alternative. 

My hypersensitivity and irrational behavior has only just begun, and Bitch Mode has started to slowly kick into gear. It’s going to be QUITE a ride. At least this time, Husband knows what to expect. The last time, I distinctly remember him yelling at me because I was “using hormones as an excuse to be a bitch.”

No … no. Not an excuse. Fact.

Poor man. He has learned the ways of womanhood since then. I can tell because he’s already being so helpful. Possibly out of fear.

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