Ringing In 2011.

Determined to prove that, even though I was a total bore the last time I was pregnant, my “condition” will not stop me from having a good time … I put on a party dress and went to a New Year’s Eve party last night.

Here is proof:


HOWEVER. Before this picture was snapped, I had on a very fancy navy blue dress that matched my husband’s tie. It took both Husband and my mother-in-law (and a pair of pliers) to zip said dress. 

The zipper burst open.

After that, I suffered a claustrophobic panic and screamed that someone was going to have to cut me out of this stupid dress and OMG what am I going to wear?! Since my stupid boobs are already so freakishly huge that this navy blue dress won’t even fit?!?!?!

That is when Husband (after shredding my dress down the back so I could remove it from my body) found the plaid dress pictured above that I wore in Chicago last month. I literally had no other choice, so I wore it. And I tried to like it.

My bitches, from left to right: Anna, Courtney, and me.


This is us. In a sea of party-goers who were wearing all black.


I’m proud to say, I made it to midnight. I danced (sort of) under the balloon drop when the clock struck twelve. I was painfully sober, and very nauseated, but I made it to 12:15 and then I informed Husband we had to go. 

He fell asleep in the passenger seat. SO WHO IS THE BORING ONE NOW?

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