Bathroom Etiquette.

At my office, we have a smallish bathroom in our department. It has 4 stalls.

This is the bathroom that is meant for makeup application, gossip, the occasional emotional breakdown, and peeing. If you need to poop, you walk on down to the BIG, loud, and busy bathroom down the hall. There are lots of stalls and toilets that automatically flush with a suction that reminds me of the airport.

There is even a can of air freshener in the farthest-away stall. That is the stall you visit if you’re planning to stay awhile. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there’s a magazine in there.

It’s UNSPOKEN. But it’s a rule.

I caught on to this office etiquette quickly, within the first week of working here. However, there are still MANY of my co-workers who still don’t get it. People who have worked here for years. They continue to poop in the wrong bathroom. Repeatedly. And that is a problem.

There is nothing worse than standing at the bathroom mirror trying to correct an eyeliner blunder when someone is pooping several feet away. There are only 4 stalls. So the Pooper is essentially only a few feet away. It’s quiet in there. I might as well be in the stall with her.

This bothers me.

Why is it so hard to walk a few extra steps to the right bathroom? Also, why do some people never catch on to unspoken etiquette? That is my real concern.

That is all. And happy Friday.

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