My Weekend.


 Here’s a summary of my weekend:

1. I purchased this dry shampoo for $8.99 at Target. I can’t wait to try it! I have a feeling it will be a life changer … much like the discovery of earplugs.

2. After searching for three hours (!!!) at several department stores for a new bra, I finally broke down and went to Motherhood Maternity, home of the $50 bra, where the nice lady measured me and kindly gave me my “correct size.”

3. My “correct size” can only be purchased at specialty stores.

4. It also starts with the letter “F,” as in, “FAT chance you’ll get out of this without looking like one of those National Geographic women.”

5. We watched the movie Shutter Island. DO NOT watch this movie if you are pregnant, or have children. It was awful.

6. All I can think about is my freakishly large chest, and that horrible movie.

7. I managed to get off my ass and make a batch of tuna salad. This marks the first thing I’ve cooked from scratch in exactly three weeks.

8. It’s entirely possible that I’ll eat all of it by myself.

2 thoughts on “My Weekend.

  1. LOL I remember going to the Lord & Taylor's and going to the lingerie section, which is not actually a section but an ENTIRE FLOOR. I wandered around for a second and then I asked if they had maternity bras. They did not. An ENTIRE FLOOR OF BRAS and you do not carry a single maternity or nursing bra? Are you KIDDING!?!

    We tried to watch Shutter Island but we sort of got bored like ten minutes in. I can't…ever see it? I totally intended to give its day in court eventually.


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