What Does Discomfort Look Like?

I’m in my third trimester. Finally. And I am grumpy acting like a complete bitch.

For awhile I chalked it up to stress, lack of rest, or the exhaustion of going through this difficult phase with ONE. But actually, I think it’s just that I’m uncomfortable all the time. That can really make a person feel pissed off. 

And it’s hot. And it’s hard to bend over. And my wedding ring is coming off today because it’s squeezing my fat finger.

Thankfully, Husband has been through this before and this time he’s been much more understanding than he was when I was pregnant with ONE. I’ve actually blocked out certain parts of our marriage from that period of time. It’s not his fault … he just didn’t know.

He knows now.

Here is what 28 weeks pregnant looks like. My boobs are trying to take over my neck. And not in a sexy way.

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