What I’ve Been Doing.

We’ve been busy at our house. Memorial Day weekend, we transformed ONE’s room into a room fit for a soon-to-be big brother and turned TWO’s room into a dumping ground for junk I don’t know what to do with.

Playing with Daddy!

The room is super cute and to be honest, I kind of like it better than my own. ONE adjusted quite nicely to it.

But then, there is the issue of the baby’s room … I’m glad I still have time to figure THAT out.

View from the door.

 We also bought a new mattress set for our bedroom, which is a whole other blog post. Let it suffice to say that while Husband and I do love each other, we’re sick of sleeping in a king-size bed that dips in the middle. We have been sleeping in that situation for 6 years now. 

It was time for us to make yet another majorly boring, yet expensive purchase together. A mattress.

And finally, a friend recommended a FABULOUS book to me which I’ve been unable to put down. Bossypants. Go get it immediately.

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