Least Likely To Sink.

Husband and I both had to work this Saturday, so my friend Anna kindly agreed to watch ONE all day. She said she would take him to the pool.

I trust her IMPLICITLY with my child, but it still made me nervous. Why? Because I’m pregnant and that seems to bring out my most impressive obsessive-compulsive behavior. I often wake up at night with thoughts like, “what if I left my bra on the floor and ONE finds it and somehow strangles himself with it?!

When these thoughts strike, I’ll get up, find the bra hanging up somewhere, assure myself there is no way he can reach it, and if he could, there’s no way he could harm himself with it anyway. By the time I work it out in my head, say a prayer just in case, pee, pee again, and arrange my pillows, it’s 30 minutes later. 

No wonder I’m always tired.

That being said, you can probably imagine the thoughts that kept me awake at night all last week, as I thought about ONE’s visit to the pool. I worried if the floaties I bought could develop a tiny hole in them or if it was possible for them to pop or lose air suddenly. I bought a pair that said they could keep up to 112 pounds afloat. 

ONE weighs 35 pounds. 


So I did what made sense. I bought a Spiderman life jacket. Just in case.

Yep, if there was an award to be had for Least Likely To Sink, I’m sure he would have won it. That’s my boy.

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