My Husband Isn’t So Bad After All.

Husband has had a rough time of it lately. He has to deal with a pregnant lady and a toddler on a daily basis. It’s not easy for anyone in our house right now.

I might complain about him and I might not understand all of his ways … but …

Tomorrow we are having a yard sale. I’m basically dumping it all on him. I plan to help with the prep work: the organizing, pricing, advertising, etc. But the rest of it is his problem. And, as it turns out, he’ll also be solely responsible to watch ONE while it’s going down.

I won’t be there, because, you see … I have a hair appointment.

He told me to go get my hair done, and not worry about him.

Yeah, right.

But I consider it a nice gesture, and part of why I love him so much. I don’t know what I might come home to, but at least I won’t have roots showing anymore.

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