I’m miserable. MISERABLE. It sucks. I dislike being a Debbie Downer, but seriously. I have nothing positive to say. I am constantly dizzy, nauseous, uncomfortable, and generally pissed off.

This morning I lamented to Husband over why I did this to myself. Meaning, this misery. The pregnancy. I am so deep in Braxton Hicks and heartburn and constant lightheadedness it’s hard to see the other side — the part where the awful part is over and I have TWO in my arms. Before I see him, I will become even more miserable than I am right this minute and there will be several points where I feel like I might die.

I just need encouragement. I’m worried about my plan for a natural birth and wondering if I should just say screw it all and sign myself up for a c-section. Obviously, I’m having trouble with irrational thoughts along with all of my other issues. I’d like to hide in a hole until I meet TWO. Thank you.

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