My New Phone.

I have a complicated, love/hate relationship with gadgets. I’m pretty resistant to them, actually. It’s mostly because I know that once I am aware of how awesome they are, I’ll think I can’t live without them. This has happened to me on numerous occasions, mostly because I was prodded by my Husband. And then I became hooked.

Examples of this:

1. The internet
2. Texting
3. The iphone (or really any kind of “smart” phone)
4. Cable TV
5. Netflix
6. Automatic digital coffee makers
7. Blogging
8. Facebook
9. GPS

Husband is a gadget freak, but he seems to understand my fear of the unknown and has kindly guided me through uncharted territory. When I washed my iphone in the washing machine, he went to the AT&T store and got me a fancy replacement.

Here it is.

It’s an HTC Inspire 4G. Mine is red. I hated it at first, in all it’s shiny fanciness.

It scared me.

I love it now.

Moral of this story: sometimes, Husband is right. Not often … let’s not get carried away here. But sometimes.

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