Labor?! Is That You?

Good news! I think the end is in sight. Hopefully by saying that, I haven’t jinxed myself. **contractions, please don’t stop now.**

Here’s a cervical dilation chart for you to review. Your day is now complete.

I went to the doctor today, for my 40-week checkup. FORTY FREAKIN’ WEEKS. I don’t know … maybe we’ll be done after TWO is born. Thinking about doing this again makes me want to poke my eyes out.

I think I no longer dislike my OBGYN. She won major points by telling me that I have progressed to 4.5 centimeters (see chart above), and that she is thrilled with how I’ve chosen to manage my pregnancy. She said she wishes more women would refuse interventions. That was nice to hear.

This leads me to wonder why interventions have become the normal way to go in this country. In a normal pregnancy, they aren’t needed. And a due date is just an educated estimate. So why is everyone asking me when I will be induced? I don’t want induction. Yes, I am extremely impatient and have hated almost every moment of being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to force the baby out before he’s ready.

I also don’t want an epidural. THAT is a conversation starter. I had a nice long chat with a security guard today about that topic. She just couldn’t believe that I was choosing to have this baby naturally. Sure, some people accidentally get to the hospital too late and then they are just out of luck — but to CHOOSE it? She was incredulous.

I had an epidural with ONE and I hated the experience. It was riddled with unnecessary interventions and I am just grateful I summoned everything in me to push him out just in time;  they were booking the O.R. for my c-section when he emerged. He broke my tailbone but he was healthy, and I had a surprisingly fast recovery. Getting through that ordeal gives me the confidence to do things differently this time.

Supposedly, my brain is going to kick in and endorphins will help me manage my pain while I’m in labor … I guess this is nature’s way of keeping mothers from passing out? All I know is, I am ready to get this show on the road. Whatever I’m about to go through, I know it will be worth it.

Send us some positive vibes!!

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