I live in a townhouse. I don’t have a picture of the row of houses, but they all look the same. Here is our door.

You get the idea.

 We live next door to a family of totally nice, normal people. The man of the house is a cop and I like that. It makes me feel safe. Their two boys are polite and friendly, and the mom is someone I would feel comfortable leaving my kids with if there was an emergency. 

You know how you get a vibe from some people, that they are just nice people? I get that from them.

On the OTHER side of us, lives a weirdo. One day, she might come across this blog and get offended, but to that I’d like to say, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RUN INTO SOMEONE’S MAILBOX AND NEVER APOLOGIZE OR OFFER TO REPAIR IT. They will tell people you’re weird and/or trashy, that’s what.

I have always gotten a “weirdo — keep away” vibe from this chick and Husband said I was just being snobby. Um, no. My vibes are dead on, thank you. She has all these strange people staying with her and we are constantly having issues with them. Not to mention they all look like they are on parole.

Yesterday, my normal neighbor came over to see the baby. When she walked in she complimented my home, and this is what happened:

Normal Neighbor: Your house always looks so nice and clean, I don’t see how you do it.

Me: I might have just a touch of OCD.

Normal Neighbor: (looks alarmed)

Me: I mean, it’s nothing serious. Just a little touch.

It was then that I realized, I probably shouldn’t joke about that.

One thought on “OCD.

  1. Ok…such a reaction would scare me…..this is funny & it has happened to me & I have felt the same way. OCD is a serious thing, Harmony! Don't you know? HAHAHA. (Says the woman who still has clutter everywhere around her but is slowly beaten down by life—I actually go to bed with dishes in the sink these days.) Sure, maybe that doesn't qualify me for the rapture, but it's a point on the 'sanity' side. LOL. Good luck.


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