Ergonomically Correct.

I have entered the world of infant carriers. I’m finding it to be overwhelming.
When I had ONE, I was basically clueless about what items would help me salvage the remainder of my sanity. I used a hand-me-down infant carrier to walk for hours with him every week. After he finally outgrew it (and the colic that prompted me to carry him everywhere), I threw it away. I was so sick of wearing it. And it wasn’t really comfortable anyway.
This time, I know better. TWO is shaping up to be a different breed — his colic seems to be corrected, but he fusses a lot unless someone is holding him. I think he’s a very social baby. He likes to be upright, so he can look around, and he gets upset if you stick him off in a corner somewhere by himself. I truly don’t mind holding him, unless I am busy with ONE. Which is often. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, a friend is letting me borrow her Moby Wrap, but I simply cannot deal with that thing when a child is screaming. Which is often.
Apparently, when under motherhood-type stress, I go into a weird mental space that causes me to lose ALL my motor skills. It’s like when ONE locks himself in his bedroom. We have a key above his door, and I can totally open it, unless I’m mad, in which case … forget it. 
So armed with all of this knowledge, I just spent way too much money on something called an Ergo. Behold. Here it is in all of it’s bright green glory. Yes, I picked the loudest color option available. If I am going to tote my baby around in something that was overpriced, I at least want it to be fun to look at.

Let’s go ahead and file this under “things my husband will never understand.”

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