4 thoughts on “Why I Quit Breastfeeding.

  1. I will totally agree with you on this. You are not selfish! Not whatsoever! Breastfeeding is a HUGE commitment….and a not so pleasant one at that! I found myself wondering what the heck my friends who breastfed found so…so…great about it. It hurt to beat the band. My baby wanted to eat every 45 minutes because he was a lazy “sucker” and evidently I didn't have a huge flow so he had to work at it some. I lasted about 2 weeks before cracking open the formula, and my baby is now a health 3 1/2 year old! I got some shut-eye now and then and quit feeling like a zombie and was able to ENJOY my baby! Don't beat yourself up for going to formula, breastfeeding is not for everyone, and to last 5 days, well, let me tell you, your baby still got “the good stuff” from the start. Going to formula isn't the end of the world, so don't feel like it is. Good for you for taking care of YOU!


  2. Thank you for your supportive comments! I know it's a controversial topic to talk about, and a lot of people just don't understand where I'm coming from! But I am a happy, rested mother and that is what my kids need more than anything right now.


  3. For most moms, breastfeeding is really hard in the beginning. I don't judge anybody on this one, because I know if I have another baby who is as poor at it as Corin was, I won't be able to do the full-time pumping I did for him. Four hours solid of nursing is CRAZY. It's no wonder you never wanted to latch a baby again after that. Asher will be just fine, and you are a great mommy.


  4. I agree with Jolene yet again. I was DESPERATE to bf solely and (gasp), I had a planned c-section. See, we're all different! Yet, after almost a month of 27 supplements a day to increase milk supply (while my child continued to lose weight), it was obvious that God had a different plan. Do NOT let anyone make you feel inferior. I lived it & yet no one has walked a mile in your shoes. I'm proud of you for being honest despite the risk of backlash & I support you. Life is hard. Motherhood is hard. We need to do more to find common ground & support each other despite different experiences. Good job, Harmony! You're doing great–keep at it!


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