I just ordered tickets to the Early Access Breaking Dawn Midnight Premiere on November 18.

That’s right.

Me and my friend Anna (thankfully, she loves Twilight as much as I do and WEARESOEXCITED) are going to hang out with a bunch of other moms in our own private movie theater, have cocktails, and wait for 12:01 a.m. to strike so we can see Breaking Dawn before the rest of the town.

Hopefully, no hardcore breast feeders, if in attendance, will recognize and berate me in public. Give me a break, people. Does natural birth not count for ANYTHING?

2 thoughts on “Twilight.

  1. Hi, Harmony! I never comment (more of a stalker…the blog kind not the weirdo psyco kind). Anyway, just felt compelled to comment to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog and all of your articles on Bham Mommy. You are on my google reader and feel like if we knew each other IRL, we would be friends. Your hilarious and say what's on your mind (something I wish I did more of). I have stopped reading many sites/blogs because of wars between mommy's — whether it is BF vs Formula or Working vs SAHM. It gets ridiculous. Don't let it get to you. Enjoy your Twilight night and drool over Edward and don't feel any guilt at all!

    Okay, I got it off my chest…I'm going back into hiding now.


  2. Hi Brandy!! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I should probably let you know that in real life, I don't really say what's on my mind. I just smile and nod a lot …


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