I love Husband.
He can be SO infuriating. He has no sense of urgency. He’s a slob. He is extremely tall and takes up a lot of space when he sleeps. But … I love him. So much. Just like he loves me despite all of my aggravating qualities. 
Ever since we started having kids, our relationship has changed. It scared me to face this fact, having read many articles about marriages that fizzle out once children enter the picture. I was terrified that we would no longer have fun, or like each other, or have time for anything other than bill-paying and child-feeding. Because, frankly, we were pretty awesome before we had kids. And no one wants to be lame.
Things change, and thankfully, we adapted. Our definition of romance has morphed into something I would have laughed at several years ago. I have learned to recognize that while he might not bring home flowers, he does take the time to kiss me when he walks in the door. He takes the baby so I can have a break. He shows me he loves me in unconventional ways … which isn’t so different from the way things started out.
One day, the kids will be gone and it will just be us again. I hope that the efforts of today pay off and we will still find each other interesting.

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