Husband took over baby duty last night so I could sleep (he offered! I didn’t even have to ask — major points), and then when my family woke me up this morning I was a complete bitch. So did the extra sleep do any good? 

I think it only gave me extra energy to be rude.

Currently, I’m drinking my first batch of coffee and working on my attitude. I think I just need some time to myself without anyone talking to me through a locked door. Husband seems to understand that about me — my need for autonomy. I am a very independent person. It’s wearing to have little people clinging to me all day, even though I love them. He works long hours. I think he realizes I have taken on quite a task here. Hopefully, I can find balance to my new life so that I don’t continue to behave irrationally.

But … there is good news. I am down 28 pounds! I have a LOT more to go before I’m at my “goal” weight, but it’s an excellent start considering I am not dieting or exercising. I am simply caring for two small children which is a diet and exercise plan in itself.  

Too bad I gained twice the recommended amount during my pregnancy, otherwise I’d be done with the pregnancy weight and could move on to other things. Like working on my six-pack. 

Look out, Fergie.


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