Life is hard. 

I am in the midst of one of those days weeks months where I feel certain that every member of my family is purposefully trying to piss me off. Or at the very least, drive me insane.

I thought about taking this opportunity to vent about Husband and ONE and yes, even TWO (he has colic, you recall). They are all being difficult in their own special way. I was gearing up to pound out a post about my problems.

But before I could get to that, TWO started to cry. I was sitting in his room, rocking him in the quiet and begging him to sleep, when he suddenly stopped screaming and smiled at me. He has a big, dimpled grin that just melts my heart. I’d post a picture, but it’s so fleeting when it happens that I never have time to get the camera.

It was in that moment, when his big eyes were looking at me and his face dimpled, I realized that all of my problems can be dealt with. This is the part of motherhood that makes me a better person. 

Every day, I think to myself, I can’t possibly go through another day like this. But then I do. I have no choice. You can’t throw in the towel on motherhood. You press on, minute by painful minute, until it gets better.  Sometimes, an infuriating moment is immediately followed by a beautiful moment. I am here 24/7 to soak all of them up, and hopefully, by some miracle, I will survive it and I will be better because of the lessons I have learned.

Now, if you’ll excuse me … both of my children are crying. Simultaneously. 

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