So. Tired.

It seems that every person in my house is making it his mission to prevent me from sleeping. TWO slept for 6 hours total last night. He is currently sitting here, staring at me. Oh, and his left arm. Again.

Between him, his brother, and his snoring daddy, I’m exhausted. 

I made coffee. Eight cups. Because I plan to drink every last one of them. 

Here’s what happened next.

I mistook heavy whipping cream for half and half. I poured a healthy amount into my coffee before I realized my folly. Didn’t stop me from drinking it. Oh, no. I quite enjoyed it. However, I might not have enough left to make my practice run cheesecake today. And if that requires me to make another trip to Walmart, that place I hate so much, with my children, in the rain … well. I may need to consider adding another ingredient to my next cup.

Happy holidays!

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