Panties, Formula and Cheesecake.

I took TWO to the doctor today for his 2-month checkup. He weighs 13 pounds and is 2 feet long! I was feeling pretty beat down when we got there. Probably because I am pretty sure my children are trying to kill me.

Anyhoo … things started looking up once we arrived at the doctor’s office and I dragged my kids into the biggest stall the women’s bathroom had to offer. ONE loudly proclaimed, I like your polka-dotted panties, Mommy!! They are sooooo nice!!! much to the delight of the other women in the bathroom.

Our pediatrician must have seen it in my eyes — that look of exhausted desperation — and she sent us home with this:

This stuff is like gold. $30-per-tiny-can-that-lasts-two-days gold. This is the only kind of formula that seems to work for TWO. And I am willing to pay almost anything to make his colic better. I told her it was like Christmas come early. Thank you, Dr. Denton!!

Now I’m going to check on my trial run cheesecake. So far it’s smelling divine.

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