The Things That Happen Here.

After a night of sleeping not enough, followed by a day that sucked because I was not well-rested, TWO went right back into his Woombie. I’m experimenting with different swaddling techniques. Today for one of his naps, I stuck him in a sleep sack with his arms inside.

He seemed to like that.
Random and unrelated: I run into the foot board on our bed regularly. Here is my latest injury. 

It hurts. A lot. Also, it’s spreading.
One final, random, and also unrelated thing … ONE threw a big blanket over his little brother’s face this morning, ran away, and hid. Which is probably for the best, because I had time to calm down while I conducted my search for him. 
I finally found him here. 

It seems strange to me that any of us survive in this house on any given day. But then I think about the people who live in truly deplorable situations (like Haiti, for example), and I feel stupid for showing everyone my super huge bruise. 

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