An Exercise.

Why is it, that no matter what agents I use or how many times I clean it, the toilet ALWAYS smells like pee?

Kind of like how no matter how many times I stick the pacifier back in TWO’s mouth, he spits it out and then cries for it back. Over and over. 

These are the constants in my life: crying and a persistent pee smell. It’s an exercise in patience and long suffering, which leaves me to wonder … will I make it? Can I persist even longer than that damn smell?!?

Now I understand how so many women get bogged down in the doldrums of motherhood and wifedom. It’s relentless. The demands never cease. This is why I put a child proof knob cover on the doors to my bedroom, my closet, and my bathroom. They might all be down here killing each other — or maybe ONE will simply smother TWO with a blanket and Husband won’t notice because he’s playing a video game — but I do have somewhere to hide if needed. 

And when I come out … I WILL END YOU, PEE ODOR. Your days are numbered.

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