Sign Me UP.

$76 a month for a membership to the YMCA down the street that offers childcare? That’s a lot of money. Several weeks ago, I wasn’t sure I could justify spending it … we are already pretty tight on funds.

But now? I would probably pay double that much, and just skimp on food and toilet paper for my family. I am DYING over here. Why did we start having kids when we live 6 hours from our parents? That was not the best decision we’ve made. Now we have a mortgage on a house we need to sell, and hopefully one day we will return to our homeland where our mothers reside.

Until then … I need a break. If I have to take a spinning class or yogalates or sit in a locker room to get it, then by golly, SIGN ME UP. My ass is huge and my kids are crazy. Something has to give.

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