Sick Day.

TWO is sick.

ONE seems to be catching it. I kind of wish he would get sick, so he would lie around the house quietly instead of chattering nonstop and running around screaming. Does that make me a bad mother?

This week I swore I would go to the gym every day, and I went exactly one day before TWO got this cold. So maybe next week I can go every day. All I want right now is to wash the snot and drool off of me.

A few things:

1. Toothpaste works better on a pimple than any acne product I have ever tried. I wish someone would have told me about this when I was in high school instead of when I was in my thirties. I’m passing it along as Very Helpful Information. You’re welcome.

2. Where do people with overly-curious little boys keep their knives? Because I definitely caught MY overly-curious little boy standing on a kitchen stool yesterday trying to smell all of the spices in the spice rack, which happens to be right next to our knife set.

3. Do people with small children even have knife sets? Or are we the only ones?

4. We probably are the only ones.

4 thoughts on “Sick Day.

  1. I have a 2.5 year old and was wondering the same thing this week…what to do with the knife set? My set has been packed for the last year (just sold house, but was on market for a year). I was so excited to find it when unpacking bc I have been using the same, dull 4 knives for a year now and my lil one walks up and says “Oh cool!” It was like finding a treasure for both of us…but a second later I realized that there is no where he can't get to them now. Perfect. I guess the hubs and I will go back to eating our steaks like cave people. (Sorry, I am no help to you at all.)


  2. We have always had ours out…does that mean I've never caught both of my older two playing with knives? Of course I have!!! It's just one of those things that I try to teach over and over…knife safety. 🙂 Toothpaste. ditto. and yes I have wished for sickness for my oldest so that he would just slow down and be quiet and precious for one day. It doesn't mean you are awful or don't love him. It just means you need a break :).


  3. What about on top of the refrigerator? Right now, mine is still on the counter and I have a 29 month old little girl. I keep the rest of my knives in a bin in the pantry on a high shelf. I am sure that at some point I will have to move things around again.


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