Happy Birthday.

Dear Husband,

Today we celebrate the 30th birthday of a very special man.  You.

You make me mad. A lot. But it doesn’t really matter, because you also make me laugh harder than anyone else.

Our children’s faces light up when they see you. My stomach still flip-flops when we kiss. Like for real kiss, not like the peck that you give me when we’re in public. 

You and I have been through so much together … good, bad, and ugly. We made two beautiful children. That’s the good. We have been through losses and disappointments. That’s the bad. Sometimes I want to bake a cake just so I can shove your face in it. Sometimes I want to kick you really hard in the shin. That’s the ugly.

Life is beautiful and maddening and fun and terrible all at the same time. I’m so lucky that I get to share it all with you. You are truly the other half that makes me whole. Happy birthday, Robbie. You are a tall, furry gift to me.


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