This Does My Heart Good.

All I want out of this mommy gig is to turn out two respectful, helpful, God-fearing, brave, strong MEN. I realize this is a tall order. In fact, as I type this, my three-year-old is on the back porch spitting on the window, trying to get my attention.

If I manage to accomplish this task, it won’t be because of my mothering powers. I can’t make it through one single day without asking for God’s help. I’m not trying to shove religion down anyone’s throat … in fact, I am not a huge fan of “religion” at all. I am a fan of God though. Do with that what you will.

Today this happened. And I have to say, it really did my spirit a lot of good. 

The world already has too many men in it who are completely and utterly worthless. Whiners, crybabies, lazy asses, philanderers, egotists and moochers. I have issues that stem from a series of bad relationships … so I make it my mission every day to make sure I don’t add two more idiots into the mix.

We’ll start small. With the garbage can.

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