Half Birthday.

Okay, I promise I’ll stop raving about my boots soon. But seriously, they look good with everything in my closet. No, really. Everything. The only con I have found is the fact that I pulled a chest muscle trying to remove a boot from my left foot. That happened earlier today.

TWO is 6 months and 4 days old. It’s amazing how he went from this:

To this, in a seemingly short amount of time.

Happy half birthday, little TWO. For awhile there I was worried you would be grumpy forever, but you’ve turned into a charmingly inquisitive, joyful, smiley baby who stole Mommy’s heart. 

Oh … wait …

Were you worried that I was going to be grumpy forever??

Thankfully, I am now soundly medicated and you are sleeping through the night. Both of these are life-changers and ensure that I will, in fact, not be eating my young.

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