Secret Keeper.

I just want to state that I recently held a HUGE secret for one of my best friends and I didn’t tell it. 

She had a breast cancer scare.

It was horrible.

Her biopsy came back benign, thank God. Life can go on. But it got me thinking. It’s an honor for someone to trust you with a major secret that they haven’t even told their mother or sister yet. Especially considering that I over share about everything in my life. 

I don’t have any siblings, but I really think of my girlfriends as my sisters. I love them like family. They ARE my family. They have stuck by me through an embarrassingly long list of crises and weird problems, and if all that is asked of me is to provide support to a sister who fears she will have to wear pink for the rest of her life (because of breast cancer … you understand), or maybe lose her hair or even her life, well … sign me UP.

I also wanted to mention that I find the mere thought of a mammogram terrifying. My boobs have had their fair share of abuse, thank you. They have been through quite enough without squashing them between two metal plates.

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