Today I Am Thankful For …

Today I am thankful for Husband, who humored me enough to have TWO and then grudgingly agreed to let me stay home with our sons so I can be the one who answers questions like, “Mommy, does my penis have a bone in it? No? Then why does it get hard sometimes?” And things of that nature.
I think now Husband sees the value in my newest venture (staying at home full-time) and possibly might even be thankful that I’m doing this. He doesn’t say much, so I am just going to assume that he is liking our new arrangement. When he is quiet, I do what all good wives do and just go ahead and decide that I know what he’s thinking. 
Maybe he’ll humor me again and we can have THREE? When I broached that subject the other day he gave me the silent treatment. Of course I took that to mean yes, he would love to have another child, and he would also absolutely love to finance my boob job/tummy tuck/smart lipo afterwards.
That Husband … 

I just can’t imagine NOT having another one of these!

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