Things That Make Me Happy.

Ah … Sunday. I yelled a lot today. Now that the baby is finally asleep and I have time to think, I want to discuss a few things that make me HAPPY:

1. Fuzzy baby hair…

2. Cuddling with my little boys when they are calm …

3. Fun bottle stoppers …


I’m taking ONE and TWO with me on a little trip to visit my college roommate and her family and IAMSOEXCITED. Mostly because I am dying for girl talk and she has a little boy and hopefully all of our children will play together marvelously so we can both take a bit of a breather …

I hope they are ready for what they are about to experience, that is, myself – a person who may or may not be insane – ONE, who is a major handful of a banshee – and TWO, who was so unbelievably fussy today I can only assume he’s about to sprout another tooth. (Please be a tooth and not an ear infection. Please be a tooth and not an ear infection. Please be a tooth and not an ear infection. Please be a tooth and not an ear infection.)

They have been warned. She was gracious enough to say she isn’t concerned. I actually laughed aloud when I got that text. Laughed out loud right there in the middle of the produce section at Publix. A big guffaw. But it was nice of her to say.

She is one of the genuinely nicest people that I know. This is why I am so excited to visit. She also said her husband, who is also one of the most genuinely nicest people I know, has an enormous stockpile of coffee from Costco. He grinds his own beans and makes his coffee in a French press. 

I hope I don’t scare him when he finds me waiting for him in the kitchen. Cup in hand. Pupils dilated.

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