A Magic Trick.

My life has become all of the sudden much more crazy than it already was for reasons I’m not able to share at this time. And then, the following happened:

Husband got sick. Like really sick. A bacterial infection that required a shot in each butt cheek and $70 worth of prescriptions. Since it’s contagious, I packed myself and the kids off to Baton Rouge with a quickness that astounded even me. It took me one hour flat to pack all three of us and I even sort of took a shower.

I hated to leave Husband there on the couch with no one to care for him, but the absolute very last thing in this world we need right now are two sick children. And truthfully his recovery will be a lot better in a quiet house.

We were three hours into the drive when we stopped at a McDonald’s in Ellisville, MS which seems to me to be the very middle of nowhere, but the McDonald’s was very nice as far as McDonald’s go. The only problem I had with this situation was the fact that the safety strap on the changing table was broken, as so many of them are … which is one of my personal pet peeves since I am always alone with my kids and I need the strap intact. Not because I’m some kind of safety nazi, but so I can use the bathroom while the baby is strapped somewhere safe. But since that never seems to be an option, I end up having to do things I don’t want to do.

And so I said to ONE, “want to see a magic trick?”  and proceeded to use the facilities whilst holding my 22-pound infant like a sack of potatoes.

I have to say, it was better than what I did on my last trip, which was put him on his changing pad, squarely on the bathroom floor of the Alabama Welcome Center. That still haunts me to this day.

Men have no idea what we go through.

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