What $88 Can Buy.

There is no good way to start this conversation … so I’ll just start it.

Husband starts his new job on Monday and we are temporarily without insurance. We could have purchased a COBRA plan but we decided to take our chances instead. That’s how we roll.

While we were in the midst of packing and moving, I realized I had packed my calendar that I use to keep track of things like when to take my birth control. At this point, I started to panic. I made an emergency phone call to the CVS to ask someone when I last picked up my birth control so I could calculate when I needed to start it again and – whew! – we were in the clear. Although, I have to admit, we would have been in the clear regardless because we weren’t doing it anyway. 

And so, Husband went to pick up my birth control. It was usually free. But without insurance, it was $88. EIGHTY-EIGHT DOLLARS. When he came home with that, I screeched, do you know how many condoms we could buy with $88?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  

144 condoms, that’s how many. 4 boxes of 36 count condoms with enough change left over to get a snack. I know this because I spent a good portion of our drive to Gulf Shores researching condom prices online. Husband kept getting mad at me for saying the word “condom” out loud in the car in front of the kids, which cracks me up on many different levels. CONDOM.

Courtesy of the internet, what else could I buy with $88? A 3-day lift ticket at Cascade Mountain. Or an hour of private horseback riding lessons at Juro Stables. OR, two pair of men’s shorts at Armani Exchange. Instead, I bought one month’s worth of peace of mind. 

Well, actually … Husband bought it. Too bad he didn’t know about the sale on shorts at Armani Exhange.

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