The Mask.

I lied when I said my next blog would be about birth control. This one is about the “mask of pregnancy” which is a condition I developed while pregnant with TWO. It’s basically hyper-pigmentation of the face and in my case, the inner thighs … which is awesome … because nothing goes better with dimply thighs than weird brown spots.

I had hoped it would go away once TWO was born but it did not. And nearly a year later, much like the fat stores that have hung on for dear life, my “mask” is still very much intact. There was a time long ago when getting a tan meant I could wear less makeup. That time is no more. The best thing I can do, I figure, is just pretend I have a lot of freckles and press onward. It’s really a lot like how I refuse to look at my backside. 

What I can’t see, isn’t an issue. 

It works for me.


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