While on vacation for the past week, I learned that I have a growing dependence on blogging. Life has been so crazy lately I haven’t had time to write about pointless things like I usually do and so I was really looking forward to vacation because I thought I would have time to WRITE. I left for the beach with big plans to blog my little heart out. 

Then we got there, and the wi-fi was down.

It crushed me. I was really much more sad than necessary. My friend Carrie suggested I use it as an excuse to “unplug” from technology, which sounded like a great idea until approximately 30 minutes later when I started missing Facebook. That’s how long it took. Thirty. Minutes. Luckily the internet still worked on my phone so I could still sort of feed my addiction.

This week we learned that taking a “vacation” with two small children is not really a vacation at all. It’s just a lot of hard work in a different setting. Husband and I bickered more during our “vacation” than we did during the entire relocation process that we just completed. And to that I say to myself, WHY? I think it’s because we both really needed a vacation, and we each kept waiting to feel relaxed. But let me tell you … taking a 9-month-old to the beach does not a relaxing time make. Nor does taking two small children to a pool. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Thankfully, we managed to take a picture that makes it seem like none of the above paragraph even happened:

Since I haven’t been able to write for what feels like an eternity, I feel like my brain is overflowing with things I simply have to share. Like how there were hundreds of bats living in the attic of the lake house we were staying in and every evening Husband and I sat outside and listened to them walk above our heads and then fly out of the house one by one.

Creepy isn’t the right word for it. Which is why I had to tell you about it, because just like everything else in my life it was just so weird that in order for me to process it completely, I have to put it out there on the World Wide Web. Or maybe it isn’t weird at all. Maybe I am the weird one.

I accept that.

My next topic is going to be birth control. I know you’re all on the edge of your seats.

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