Belated Much?

Guess who’s still waiting on her Mother’s Day acknowledgment?

This girl.

I use the word acknowledgment because I do not require a gift. A card would do. Or flowers. Or breakfast. Anything is better than nothing

Yes, I’m bitter. I’ve mentioned it to Husband. Then I threatened that he will be getting absolutely zero for Father’s Day and then I felt horrible. Has anyone else encountered this? I probably just need to suck it up and press on. Or better yet … buy my own acknowledgment.

One thought on “Belated Much?

  1. This year was the first year in 20 that not one person said anything to me about Mother's Day. It was horrible. I cried a lot that day. Like you, I don't need a gift or anything, but a text would have been nice or a phone call or something. Next year, I think I'll remind everyone a week before that it's coming and I NEED THEM TO NOTICE. 🙂


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