I May Implode.

I miss the gym. 

I miss it a lot. 

I haven’t been to a Zumba or yoga class in almost two months and I am pretty sure it’s the main cause of my unraveling. Not the moving. Not the lack of money. Not the stress of starting a new life or the worry that our house in Alabama won’t sell. 

Nope, it’s the lack of “me time” that can only be found at a gym that offers childcare. This is why I feel so cranky. A girl just needs a BREAK. And by break I mean a one-hour time slot where I am away from my children and husband and no one can ask me anything.

I am planning to re-join the YMCA down here in Baton Rouge, but I have to wait a few more weeks until paychecks start rolling in. Hopefully I’ll make it without imploding or eating one of my children or shaving my husband’s legs in his sleep. Wish me luck.

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