Quick Turn to Crazy.

So I think we all kind of thought in the back of our minds that TWO would be the “quiet” one since his older brother is very, very, talkative. And loud.

Well … TWO is shaping up to be just as loud. And talkative. It started with him making an urgent “MMMMMMMMMA!” sound when he’s upset and I assumed that to mean “Mama” but I didn’t declare it an official word until my father-in-law heard it one night when he was baby sitting and then I felt validated enough to tell people he said it.

Then he started saying “bye-bye” and waving his little hand. Now he lights up and starts clapping and saying “bat” when he sees the bathtub. He says something that sounds like “ba-ba” for bottle. And just this morning, I took him in to say good morning to his daddy and I swear to you he smiled and said “hi dada.” Husband and I gasped. Thank goodness I wasn’t by myself when it happened or I would have brushed it off as my imagination.  

It all happened very suddenly, during the moving process, so I haven’t really had time to process it. When we started packing up our house in Alabama my baby was kind of unsuccessfully army crawling and doing a lot of drooly babbling. Now I live in Louisiana with two children who yell MAMA! at me and I literally could not locate my baby the other day because he moves so fast. Hello, my name is Harmony and I lost one of my children in my own house.

I put him down for a minute, went to find out what kind of mischief ONE was into, and when I went back, TWO was gone. Gone. How do you lose a 9-month-old in his own room? I seriously freaked and Husband helped me look and we finally found him hiding in a corner behind the recliner in his bedroom.

If I thought life was a little out of hand before, it’s taken a quick turn for the crazy. I have one kid dragging popcorn out of the cabinet and opening it and asking Mommy, are these seeds? It says popcorn on the front, I see pictures of popcorn … why are there seeds in here? Can we plant them? Mommy? MOMMY? and while I deal with that, the other one vanishes. I later find him chewing on the rug in the laundry room.

How do other people do it? Maybe I’m ill-equipped for chaos, when it comes right down to it. I better get ready.

Hello, Mother. I’d like you to prepare me something exceptional for breakfast today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find someplace new to hide.

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