There’s No Perfection Here.

Here’s proof that sometimes people only put stuff on Facebook that makes it seem like they lead a perfect life. 

Today I put both kids in the kiddie pool at the same time, for the first time. I posted a picture of them playing together perfectly. Now everyone in Facebook world will think, “Wow, they had a perfect afternoon.”

Now, here’s what really happened.

Playing nicely …
Mommy takes a picture to post on Facebook …
By now I’m texting Husband to tell him how much fun we’re having …
TWO really loves water …
Aaaaand … things go bad.

I was trying to get a good picture of the baby looking over the edge of the pool into the grass and before I knew what was happening he toppled out and landed. On his face. On a pine cone. THANKFULLY, the pine cone was old and soggy … otherwise we’d be at the emergency room right now. I think the camera must have clicked just as I was leaping out of my chair.

No one I know has a perfect life. I originally had a lot more to say about this, really wise things, but the baby just busted his face again — this time on his high chair — and my oldest is now clamoring for food.

My hair is still orange.

There’s no perfection here.

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