Me and my boy.
Kelly and one of her cutie pies! I normally don’t associate with skinny people, but I make an exception for this one because she’s like family.
Holding that giant baby. No one told me my bra was hanging out, KELLY.

 We’re making childhood memories! I am giving myself a pat on the back right this minute.

However. No one told me that making childhood memories can be seriously exhausting for the parent involved. I took the kids to the Hot Air Balloon Festival last night. TWO hadn’t had his afternoon nap and I was without Husband. We had to leave early because I could tell that the baby was heading to Crazy Town and I wanted to avoid this. It was a close one, let me tell you. Good for me for spotting the signs and getting us the hell outta there before it happened.

My arms are tired this morning from pushing a double stroller through a field, my feet have definitely seen better days and ONE has a black eye. 

It was totally worth it. We’ll be back next year.

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