Time Is Up, Frumpy Pants.

Before I became a mom I didn’t get why moms in general always seemed to look so frumpy. I spent my entire first pregnancy worried sick that when I officially became a mom I would suddenly stop caring what I looked like. 

I recall telling my friends – bless them – how worried I was that I would, without good reason, start wearing purple scrunchies and sweatshirts with teddy bears appliqued on them. I was also worried my husband would no longer love me, and I would be a terrible mother who couldn’t do anything right. As a side note, I’d just like to say I am so sorry to anyone who ever had to listen to me voice my many pregnancy fears. They were all ridiculous and uncool, which pretty much sums up how I am when I’m pregnant.

Fast forward 4 years. I am a stay-at-home mom. In my former life as a working mom, my sole reason for getting dressed every day was to make sure I wasn’t ridiculed by my co-workers. So … when that factor was removed, so was my sense of shame. I’ve gotten so accustomed to wearing workout clothes that when I have to put on normal clothes (like jeans) I feel grumpy and uncomfortable. I’m used to elastic expansion and anything else just sucks.

To help you understand what I mean, I’ll show you. Yesterday I stopped by a popular children’s consignment store. I looked a lot like this: 

Why yes, that IS Scotch tape on my cell phone case.

And the woman getting herself and a tiny baby out of the car next to me looked a lot like this:


It was embarrassing. I gotta step up my game. It’s time. First order of business: make, and actually show up to, a hair appointment. I’ll keep you posted. 

Until Next Time,
Frumpy Pants

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