Couple’s Therapy.

I happened upon this article today and I really liked it – I found it to be so well-written and concise, and most of all, about a topic I could go on and on about. COUNSELING!

Husband and I have been through a lot during our time together and I can say that the one thing that helped us through our worst time ever was couple’s therapy. Hands down. I’d go again in a heartbeat if we ever find ourselves in that bad place again. Because I feel like it saved us, I am annoyingly passionate about telling others to GO.

On a cruise, circa 2007. One of my favorite pictures of us together.

A lot of people might know they need help, but they are worried about the money, time, and logistical issues, along with the overall fear they will have to overcome in order to go to an appointment. I admit, having to broach the topic to the other person in the relationship can be a hurdle in itself. 

Don’t forget … you once loved this person so much you committed your life to him/her. There is absolutely no reason why you should live the rest of your days UNHAPPY. One way or another, it can be fixed, and if it can’t be fixed, then you should make a change. I want everyone to be HAPPY! It’s a sickness I have. 

Maybe I should seek therapy for that.

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