NP Set.

Y’all know when I discover something that has changed my life, I have to share it immediately so it can change yours too. May I present … NP Set eyeliner. $15 at Target, last week’s big splurge and worth every penny.

If I had real money to spend, I am sure I would have discovered something more fabulous by now at Sephora or some such … but alas. I don’t have money to spend, and therefore I normally settle for Cover Girl cosmetics. I like to line the insides of my eyelids – upper and lower – and I struggle with keeping it on all day. In my former life, I used Laura Mercier which is fabulous and I loved it until I could no longer justify it, which brings me to the point I’m at now. Anyway, I found the $15 eyeliner and splurged … I picked a very dark brown called “Mexico City” and I literally hugged her skinny little body when I realized she had magical powers. 

Please forgive what you are about to see. It’s been a very long day. I applied the eyeliner at 8:00 this morning. These pictures were taken at 6:45 p.m., in my child’s bathroom during bath time. I am nothing if not a multi-tasker.

It’s still on.

It’s still there.

I am so happy.

I am not very good at taking pictures to prove a point, so you’re just going to need to accept this as truth and go get you some.

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