Bad Mommy.

Bad mommy moment #5,673: when I almost wiped ONE’s butt with one of these.

How did that happen? Well, I am very, very tired. And I was cleaning the kitchen when he started yelling from the bathroom “MOMMY! I GOT PEE ON THE FLOOR!” And I came running because his little brother is asleep … I got the Clorox wipes and cleaned up the pee … then he said he was done pooping and I guess robot mommy took over and pulled a Clorox wipe out … and I snapped out of my fog riiiiiight in the nick of time.

ONE is so helpful. He exclaimed (while I stood there in horror at what I almost did), “Mommy, is that a Clorox disinfecting wipe?! You could have KILLED ME!!!” 

No. Not killed. Let’s not be dramatic.

2 thoughts on “Bad Mommy.

  1. Glad to not be alone. I have the big costco brand tubs all over the house and many a time I have almost (probably) wiped some sticky hands with these. It is that darn citrus scent…..very deceiving in moments of utter chaos.


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