Today when I picked ONE up from school, his teacher wanted to “conference.” So we did. She said that my son talks nonstop and we need to work on that, because if it continues he will have problems next year when he heads to Kindergarten. 

She said, “He just talks CONSTANTLY.”

Well … yes. That he does, ma’am. That he does.

I think I started giggling, but she was definitely not laughing so I stopped. So I said to her, he’s done this since birth. I wasn’t making excuses, I was just telling her I am AWARE. I’m KEENLY AWARE of the chatter that occurs from morning until night. 

This is the part I left out: that his talkativeness is one of the biggest reasons why we sent him to school in the first place. So he could talk someone else’s ears off. 

I also did not say, “You’re welcome,” or “I prayed for you.”

What’s the best way to teach a four-year-old boy not to voice every thought that comes to his mind? He’s not going to learn this skill overnight. He’s making significant progress, but … I forsee a lot more conferences in our future.

2 thoughts on “Conference.

  1. Sure, every kid needs to learn to be attentive and wait to have his or her turn to speak and if that is what he is having trouble with, then he will probably adjust to school very soon. Yet, don't let that teacher tell you that he has a problem. I think being talkative is an asset.Your son seems very smart. That video about “jorts” was priceless. Have you considered homeschooling? Since you are a stay-at-home mom, you do have that option. You know your boy better than she does.


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