Sunday Rearrangement.

Today was “Preschool Sunday” at the church where ONE attends school, so we got all dressed up and churched as a family. This never happens. It made me feel like a good mom. I was riding especially high after the children sang. 

There’s ONE, in the plaid shirt, on the far left. He did a great job. He was the first one up on stage and he performed with gusto.

See that big screen in the background? Those screens are located all over the sanctuary, to make sure everyone gets a good view of what’s happening up front. Right after this picture was taken, the pastor, who is a woman, gave the “Children’s Message.” They all crowded at her feet while she told a story. 

I was perched proudly on the edge of my seat, still feeling like I must be the best mom ever, when ONE sucked in his stomach, reached his hand down the front of his pants, and proceeded to rearrange himself in front of the entire congregation. No one missed a thing, of course. Thanks to the giant screens. 

When he was done, he high-fived the pastor for something unrelated, and I felt everyone around me cringe.

Since the four of us are almost never all dressed appropriately at the same time, we asked my in-laws to take our picture. Here’s what happened: the children look sullen, I look oblivious, and Husband looks like he hates us all. 

Someone on Facebook suggested we hang them upside down by their feet next time. I think it’s a great idea.

One thought on “Sunday Rearrangement.

  1. Our pumpkin patch pictures turned out the same way this year. Funny enough, I did see a family hang their child upside down so he would actually laugh for the pictures. Adorable, but it kinda freaked me out.


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